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Gianduja Box 24pc

Gianduja Box 24pc

SKU: 424

Assortment of 24 delicious pieces of praliné, praliné with almonds and praliné with pieces of crunchy biscuits. The famous Gianduja, Giamanda and Giantia.


Wrapped in gold foil, the Gianduja is a blend of unique milk chocolate and finely crushed hazelnuts. A creamy, melt-in-your-mouth delight for all those with a sweet tooth.


Sweetness dotted with crushed almonds. Wrapped in silver foil, Giamanda blends the creaminess of the Leonidas praliné and the crunchiness of caramelized California almonds.


Creamy praliné dotted with crumbled biscuit. Wrapped in copper foil, this chocolate with subtle fragments of biscuit blends the sweetness of pure praliné and the crunchiness of the feuilletine biscuit to perfection.

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