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Certified Purveyor to the Belgian Royal Palace

Royal Chocolates

15 November, 2013. We still remember it as if it were yesterday. King Philippe of Belgium announced the first list of certified purveyors to the royal palace for the new era. The pralines we create at Leonidas are still made according to Basilio’s values (the nephew of Leonidas’ founder): freshness, quality, wide range and affordability. It is precisely by sticking to these values that we were able to make our way into the list of purveyors to the royal palace.


It’s a great honour for us and recognition of the perseverance and hard work of everyone who has been part of the development of the Leonidas brand.

This proves that Leonidas pralines really are made for everyone. For you, your colleagues, your friends, your family and even the royal family. Giving makes everyone happy.

Would you like to discover Leonidas chocolate bliss?


Maître Chocolatier

The Art of Chocolate

Our Maître Chocolatiers are real connoisseurs. Every day, they create new flavours to spoil you with the most delicious pralines. They work with pure, honest, high-quality products and, of course, real Belgian chocolate. In their workshop they use fresh products to keep surprising you with new flavours.

Known Throughout The World

Experience Leonidas
Leonidas is known throughout the world for its total brand experience. The royal blue bags with the cream coloured logo always contain a gold-coloured box, filled with chocolates and packaged with love. Every Leonidas shop helps to create this brand experience. Every time you walk into one of our shops you feel that it is the same one. Our consistent style creates the same brand experience throughout the world.


Visit one of our cafés and enjoy an amazing selection of desserts and coffees.

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