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About Leonidas

About Leonidas

Discover how Leonidas became the brand we know today. Look behind the scenes at our motto, “Leonidas, the blissful box”.

A Rich History

More than 100 years ago, Leonidas Kestekides created the very first chocolates of the type that we know today.

Discover how Leonidas Kestekides, who started out as a granitas seller, became the founder of the most popular brand of chocolates in Belgium and worldwide.

Our Know-How

Our Maîtres Chocolatiers share a single passion: chocolate. Every day they come to work to create the wonderful flavours of tomorrow.

You can taste their know-how, creativity and quality in every Leonidas chocolate.

Daniel Stallaert, Gérald De Brandt and Souad El Maslouhi have only one thing on their mind: chocolate. Hardly surprising, since the Leonidas Maîtres Chocolatiers devote themselves day after day to their passion.

In their workshop, these three artists are indefatigably in search of quality ingredients, contemporary flavours and succulent combinations so as to create joyous chocolates for you.

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Our Quality

Our Maîtres Chocolatiers use only the finest ingredients, handling them with loving care and with a respect for the tradition of our know-how. They are obsessed with quality.

Certified purveyor to the Belgian royal Palace

The Belgian Royal Family has also been won over by the delicious experience of Leonidas. Leonidas has been a certified purveyor to the Belgian Royal household since 2013.

Discover how our chocolates won the hearts of the Royal Family.

Visit one of our cafés and enjoy a wide selection of desserts and coffees.

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Halifax Menu

Halifax Menu

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Since its establishment in 1913, the mission of the Belgian chocolatier Leonidas has always been to create truly blissful moments by making the luxury of chocolate accessible to everyone. With more than 1300 sales outlets in 40 countries, Leonidas has over time earned a reputation that is the envy of many: that of the Belgians’ favourite brand of chocolate. On an international level as well, Leonidas is known for its highest quality chocolates and its know-how. Its Master Chocolatiers are constantly creating new recipes and new seasonal products that take their place alongside a vast range of chocolates. Leonidas works exclusively with chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter, without palm oil and out of sustainable cocoa. In 2023, Leonidas will be celebrating its 110th anniversary. 110 years of love for its chocolates and its consumers... and millions of blissful moments created since 1913, thanks to Leonidas chocolates.

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